1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 15

MARIA LOtISA.—The German journals give the following letter of condolence

from this heartless piece of German royalty to the mother of Napoleon. It is understood to be the only communication that she has ever made to a family to which alone she owes her redemption from the insignificance in which she was otherwise destined to ammalize- .. Castle of Schoenbrann, 23d July 1832.

" Madame—In the hope of mitigating your grief at the melancholy news which I am about toimpart, I have rayself undertaken the painful task of its announcement to you. OnSunday the 225, at ftve o'clock in the morning, my dear son, the Duke of Reichstadt; expired after a much-protracted_and painful suffering. I have had the consolation of being near him in his last moments, and of knowing that nothing was left undone to preserve his life ; but all the resources of 'art failed against a complaint of the chest, which hisph-vsieians Crony-the beginning unanimously pronounced to be of so dangerous -a nature, that it must keve:burried my unfortunate son to the grave, and at an age, too. when he was giving the very hest promises. God has disposed of him; and it only re- mains to us to bow before his supreme will, to reconcile ourselves to our loss, and en-

rleavour to dry our tears. -

"Accept, Madam?, trader .these melancholy circumstances, the expression of sentiL menu-of attachment and consideration, which shall be always felt for you by year