1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 2

be Court.

WE have chronicled the only event of the Court week, in noticing the races at Egham,—with the exception of the Levee of yesterday; which was as thin and cold as its predecessors for some time past have been. There is one occurrence, merely noticed by us in describing the Egham races, which has given the public great satisfaction,—we allude to the reappearance of the Duke of Sussex at Court. Such a reconciliation was most desirable for all parties. There are various causes assigned for the estrangement that has prevailed for two or three months past between the Royal Brothers, which we do not more particularly advert to, for two good and sufficient reasons,—first, we do not know which or whether any of them is the true one; second, the repetition of griev- ances, at the moment when all sides have agreed to forget them, is a very uncalled for act, to say the least of it.

The Duke of Sussex intends, it is said, to have recourse to couching early in the winter, with a view to remove a cataract which has for some time much impaired his sight.