1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 20

• The Portraits added to the re-issue of the Landscape

Illustra- tions of the Waverley Novels are also collected in a separate work, publishing in numbers, to correspond with the first edition of the Landscapes. The First Part contains four pretty female heads, intended as ideal portraits of the heroines of the novels and ro- mances of the Author of Waverley. The perusal of those delightful fictions has enshrined in our memory flitting but vivid ideas of the per- sons and features of these charming creatures, which the creations of the artists, Messrs. LESLIE, CHALON, FAULKNER, and PRENTis, have not disturbed. CHALON'S Flora Mac Ivor, however, is a splendid beauty; and the melancholy of FAULKNER'S Mary Avenel, is of a mild and winning character.