1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 20

"My love's like a lily ;" a Glee, for Four

Voices. By W. KNYVETT.

The only fault that we find with Mr. KNvvErr's later glees is, that they have too much the character of harmonized airs. We admit that,- with such a singer as Mrs. KNYVETT to write for, the temptation to wander into this track is a strong one ; but, by way of change, suppose he were to make himself a more conspicuous feature when he is next. " i' the vein" for this sort of composition. Those who have heard his singing" With sighs, sweet Rose," know the exquisite finish with which he can adorn a glee so well suited to his voice and style; and to this not very inconsiderable number of hearers, he could not offer a more welcome novelty than one of the same character. • The same graceful flow of melody and harmony which usually marks Mr. KNYVErr's style of writing will be found in the present glee. We have never heard—we believe nobody can hear it without pleasure.