1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 20

The Flutonicon, Numbers VII. and VIII.

This monthly publication, designed for amateur flutists, exhibits a mixture of good and bad, as most of such periodicals (especially for an instrument of such limited power) must do. The Seventh Number con- tains a selection of airs from Fidelio, brought within the compass and arranged for a single flute ; which is something like producing a brick to give us an idea of a house. But there are persons, no doubt, to whom even such a method of recalling the originals to memory will be acceptable ; and to their especial use and benefit we commend this ar- rangement. The airs from Robert le Diable suffer less by such a naked exposure. "0 Fortune A ton caprice," is among them, of course. Surely this work would be more generally acceptable, were some of the pieces arranged for two flutes.