1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 20

We are glad to observe a decided advance to excellence

in the en- gravings of the Fourth Part of the Gallery of the Society of Painters in Water Colours. The scene from Twelfth Night is beautifully en- graved, by BACON, from the graceful but tame design of T. M. WRIGHT. Ifalvolio, cross-gartered before Olivia, is a subject for the display of rich and playful humour; but in the plate, the steward is hardly ridi- culous, and the lady any thing but arch : wanting comic expression, it wants every thing. The 'beautiful effect of light in BARRET-Vs Claude- like composition "Evening," is admirably conveyed in the engraving by RADCLYETE; though the distance is somewhat heavy. "Yarmouth Roads," by COTMAN, is well engraved by FREEBAIRN; the bright light on the vessel is effectively rendered.