1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 3

The anniversary of the Sons of the Clergy did not

take place this year. The cause assigned was a fear that some insult might have been offered to the dignitaries that attended it. .

The ship Ganges is bringing home 60,000/. in silver from India. The schoolmasters have determined to oppose Mr. Hume's motion for establishing parochial schools in England. They have found out, thit it will, if carried, " destroy the scholastic professibn." It was needless to give any other argument for its rejection. If by establish- ing schools we destroy masters, we shall improve the wrong way. The building of the new barracks, in the Birdcage Walk, which will contain seven hundred of the Guards, is proceeding rapidly. The foundation of another barrack, contiguous to the former, is now being completed. When the building is finished, it is to be occupied by a brigade of artillery.

The New Police is stated to have cost three times as much as the same number of foot-soldiers, including officers and all appointments.— Chronicle. [But the New Police is of more use than thirty times as many foot-soldiers, including officers and all appointments.]