1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 4


THE King has not been prevented by the untoward event at Ascot from visiting Egham ; although, from the unfavourable state of the weather on Tuesday, his presence there was scarcely looked for. Im- mediately after one o'clock, the clouds began to gather, and the Royal party arrived in the midst of a very heavy fall of rain, which continued during a great part of the afternoon. The cortege, consisting of four carriages and four, was met at Long Mead by Mr. Boulding, and conducted up the straight mile to the Royal Stand. In the first carriage were the King and Queen, the Duke of Sussex, and the Princess Augusta ; in the others, were the Duke of Gloucester Prince George of Cambridge, the Earl and Countess of Errol; Duke of Richmond, Earl of Albemarle and Lady Westmeath, and others of their Majesties' attendants. The Royal party was joined, after the first race, by the Duke of Cumberland. The prena- rations for the reception of their Majesties were extensive. In addi- tion to the temporary stand erected for the racing, the splendid tents captured from Tippoo Sultan were brought from Woolwich, and pitched behind the stand for their accommodation during the intervals. These tents, which have not been used for twenty-five years, were exceedingly admired, and fully answered all the purposes intended. The ground was very heavy; and the attendance much less numerous than it would have been expected, had the weather been better. The King and Queen and party were received with loud cheering on their arrival and departure. •

The following is a list of the runnings of the week.

Tuesday. August 28.

The Gold Cup, value 100 sovs..by subscriptions of 10 sovs. each. Two Miles. Twelve subscribers.

Colonel Salway names Mazeppa, 5 yrs 1 Mr. Henry's Margaret, 3 yrs. (received 10 sovs.) 2 2 to 1 on Mazeppa. Mazeppa had it all his own way, and won by at least a hundred yards. Sweepstakes of 20 sovs. each, h. ft. Half-mile. Four subscribers. Mr. Gardnor's b. f. Cinderella, by Whalebone 1 Mr. Ley's Partiality 2 The tw horses were very close together, till about ten yards from the chair. where Partiality stopped short, as if shot, and Cinderella contrived to poke her head in front at the very last stride, and win, much to the surprise of all who had noticed the running. Produce Sweepstakes of 30 sovs. each, Ii. ft. for the produce of mares that never bred a winner. Four subscribers. Sir G. Heathcote's e. by Blacklock, walked over. Sweepstakes of 5 cove, each, and 30 added. Heats, three-quarters of a mile. Four subscribers.

Mr. Gardner's King William, 5 yrs. 1 1 Mr. Olivera's b. in. Chancery Suit, 4 yrs '2 2 Colonel Cosby's Deception, 3 yrs 3 3

Mr. Day's ch. c. by Burgundy, 3 yrs. 4 4

Both heats won easy. The Runnymede Stakes of 10 sovs, each. and 20 sovs. added. Mile heats. Three subs. Lord Uxbridge's The Hermit, 3 yrs. 1 2 1 Mr. Gardner's Ida, 4 yrs S I 2 Lord Exeter's e. by Partisan, out of Fawn, 3 yrs. 3 dr Three good heats.

Wednesday, August 29.

The rain throughout Wednesday was incessant, the course ankle-deep in dirt, the company thin, the sport execrable : the Royal Family absent, Tippoo's marquees un- tenanted. The only members of the fashionable world who had ' pluck " enough to defy the weather. were the Duke of Richmond, Lord George Lennox, Hon. F. Berke- ley, lion. G. Berkeley, Hon. B. Craven, Sir M. Wood, and one or two others. The Surry and Middlesex Stakes of 25 sovs. each. Twent, subs., 10 of whom declared. Mr. J.Day's Liston. aged Lord Uxbridge's f., by Sultan, ont of Antiope, 3 yrs 2 Captain Martyn's Misletoe, 4 yrs. 3 Liston made all the running, and won very easy by three lengths. The Magna Cherie Stakes of 50 sovs, each, h. ft. Three subscribers. Sir G. Heathcote's Damascus walked over. Produce Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. each. Four subscribers. This race was off. The Hopeless Stakes of 5 sovereigns each, and 30 added. Four subscribers.

Mr. Thomas's ch. g. Blinker. 6 yes 1 1

Mr. Oliver's Don Antonio, aged 2 2 Mr. Gardnor's King William, 5 yrs. 3 dr The horses ran up to their fetlocks in mud, and in the midst of a heavy shower. Blinker won in a common canter.

Thursday. August 30.

The Two-yrs.-Old Stakes of 30 sovs. each, 20 ft. Three quarters of a Mile. Seven subs. Lord Exeter's f. by Mountebank, out of Advance, Sat. 5Ib

Mr. Dilly's gr. c- Wonford, by Grey Middleham, 8st. 51b. 2

Lord Chesterfield's Weeper, by Woful, 8st. Sib 3

Weeper and Advance ran together at Goodwood, and the latter was beaten in a can- ter. This made Weeper (who won on that occasion) the favourite at 5 to 4 on her, 7 to 4 being the quotation against Wonford, and 6 to 1 against Advance, who actually had not a backer. However, she contrived to wade best through the mud, and won by nearly a length, the favourite being third.

A Free Handicap of 20 soy& each, and 20 added. Mr. Cosby's Donegani. 5 yrs. old, Set. 811,. 1 Sir G. Heatheote's Shirine, 4 yrs. old, 8st 2 Mr. Henry's Tam O'Shanter, 4 yrs. old, 7st. 101b. 3 • 5 to 4 against Donegani, 2 :0 1 against Tam O'Shanter, and 4 to 1 against Shirine. Won easy by three lengths. The Sunning Hill and Egham Park Stakes did not flit; and a Match for 50 soya, be- tween two cocktails, was not run.