1 SEPTEMBER 1832, Page 6

Mr. Charles Gates of the Customhouse, Shoreham, son of Mr.

William Gates, clerk to the Directors and Guardians, was lately practising some of the yeomanry cuts with a bent sabre; when' by some accident, the blade struck against his left leg and divided the ligaments of the -knee. Mortification ensued, and on Sunday he ex- pired.—Brighten Guardian.

On -Tuesday morning, a commercial gentleman left the White Hart Inn, Lewes, with a young man, a resident of Brighton (a stranger to him), in his travelling gig, for Hastings. On arriving at Mailing Hill, the -gentleman had occasion to get out, and he gave the reins to his companion. The traveller had scarcely-turned his back, when he beard the horse's feet going. He turned round, thinking there was some joke ; but to his great astonishment, he perceived the young man driving off with great rapidity, and in a short time the gig was out of sight. He ran to Ringmer Gate on the .Hastings road, but no gig had passed there ; he then made his way acrossto Melling Gate on the Lon- donroad, and through this gate he-found the gighad passed at a slapping pace. Since then, the gig, which contained money to a considerable amount and several boxes, has not been heard of.—Brighton Herald.

On Wednesday morning, last week, a man named Chadwick, from Moorwood Moor, deliberately walked into the house of John Sellers, at Cold-harbour, in the parish of Ashover, in this county (Derby). 'Ile house stands in a 'lonely pared theeountiy. Sellers had just the house, and his wife and son (a child of ten years old) were tije only persons within when. Chadvstek called. Be asked.theele- ceased to gave him a sup of water to drink: this she did. He then observed an axe lying-kethe.house, picked it up, and suddenly gave the unfortunate woman two or three blows with it on the back of the head : her brains were dashed out, and she -fell at his feet, a corpse. Ter- ror-struck at this scene of horror' and entertaining apprehensions that he might be the next victim, the child ran out of the house, and called to his father, who was at work not a hundred yards distant. The murderer was observed running off„ was pursued by the husband and some of the neighbours, and -finally captured at his own dwelling-house at Crich. They brought him back to the greyhound Inn Milltown, to await the result of the Coroner's inquest, Which was held the next ' day, and a verdict of " Wilful murder" returned against him. He was committed to Derby Gaol.e--Chestereield Courier.

Some watchmen in Mardol, Shrewsbury, baring interfered, on

Saturday night, to prevent a fight between some men, one of the ratter wrenched himself from a watchman and ran towards the river, inte which he leaped, for the purpose of swimming away and avoiding im- prisonment. He was an excellent sw.knmer ; but his coat being °Mend . his braces bursting in the exertion of leaping, his trousers fell about his feet and kept him below till he was suffocated.—Shrewsbury Chronicle,