1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 2

Bresci, the Anarchist who murdered King Humbert, was tried at

Milan on August 28th, and sentenced to imprisonment for life, the first seven years to be passed in solitary confine- ment. The sentence is in reality a far heavier one than death, but it has none of its deterrent effect. Bresci, who admits that he grooved his bullets with a penknife in order that they might have a more deadly effect, declared his indifference in Court, as he should be released by the Revolution. It is quite possible, too, that he believes it. Thousands of fanatics all over the world expect the Millen- nium in the immediate future, and if they can believe in that, why not in the Revolution? The only real deterrent, more especially among an infidel people, is the dread of death, which at least prohibits their gaining any personal benefit from crime. It may be said that brave men do not dread death ; but if so, how does a regiment hold down a populous city in which every citizen thinks the slaughter of the invader not only just but righteous P