1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 2

We do not suppose that Roumania and Bulgaria will go

to war. King Charles is a cool politician who knows that war will bring his country nothing, while Prince Ferdinand is a ruse intriguer who does not wish to place his chance of a throne on the hazard of a stricken field. Still, the bitterness between the two States is very great and is well justified. Stated briefly the cause of cotlision is this. The Macedonian Committee of Sofia, seeing a chance of liberating Macedonia, have been collecting money lay the evil practice of blackmail- ing wealthy Macedonians in Roumania, and have even, it is asserted, executed three recalcitrants, one a Professor in Bucharest. The Roumanian Government accordingly de- manded that the Committee should be prosecuted, but the Bul- garian Government, which is in some way /ig with the accused, shelters them, and as the Roumanians assert, tells lies in their defence. The Rouraanians therefore threaten war, and the Bulgarians have armed to resist attack. As both St. Petersburg and Vienna deprecate disturbance just now, the danger will probably be averted, but the slightest accident might put troops on either side in motion, and a shot would produce war. Prince Ferdinand is too unscrupulous in his ambitions, and will come to grief before his career has ended. Sheltering crime seldom pays Princes, and he is destroying the sympathy of Europe for his people.