1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 25

Municipal London. By C. A. Whitmore, M.P. (A. and C.

Black. 1s.)—Mr. Whitmore gives us here a moderate and well-reasoned defence of recent legislation in the matter of the municipal government of London. He distinguishes between the proper functions of the County Council (which he does not wish to depreciate) and of the bodies created by the "London Government Act, 1899." This Act, when first introduced, was met with furious opposition by the Progressives, provoked, in a certain degree, by injudicious utterances about "dishing" the County Council. But this opposition by degrees dwindled down to a very trifling thing indeed. The organ of the Progressives had declared it to be a "bungling and insidious scheme." but Lord. Kimberley, when it was read for the second time in the House of Lords, had "little fault to find" with it.