1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 26

Nsw EDITIONS.—In the "Library of English Musics " (Mac-

millan and-Co.; 7s.),' Memoirs- of Sir-Walter--scot-t, by J Lock hart. Mr. A. W. Pollard explains that the ten-volume edition of 1839 has been here reprinted. This contained some matter that did not appear in the first edition (seven volumes) published in 1837-38. Further additions were made in the abridgment done by Lockhart at the desire of Mr. Cadell, who by his financial assistance had acquired a lien on the Scott documents. These also are included in the present republication:—In the -"Temple Classics," -edited -by-Israel- Gollaucz, -M.A. (J. M.--Dent and Co., is. 6d. net per vol), Lectures on the English Comic • Writers, by William kf azlitt, and Macaulay's Essays, Vol. I , dm- taining • " Milton," - "Machiavelli," " Hallam's Constitutional History," " Southey's Colloquies," "Robert Montgomery;" "Dis- abilities of the Jews," " Moore's Life of Byron." Some notes, biographical and bibliographical, are appended.—The Romance of the Rose. Englished and edited by F. S. G. Ellis.—Guide to the Unprotected in-Matters of Property and Income. By a Banker's Daughter. (Macmillan and Co. 2s. 6d.)