1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 3

Considerable interest has been excited in the fate of the

little Welsh boy, aged five years, who strayed from the aide of his father on the Brecon Beacons some few weeks ago, and has not been seen since. Various theories have been put forward to account for his disappearance, the most reassuring being that he was kidnapped by gipsiee, whose camping- grounds were not far off, while some have hazarded the view that the ail(' was carried off by an eagle. As the district has now been thoroughly searched and a handsome reward offered, suspicions of foul play have grown with the continued absence of any satisfactory clue. But if, as an experienced police officer interviewed by the Daily Mail suggests, the child was abducted by some childless woman who had taken a fancy to him, no reward would induce her to give him up. Cases of this sort, he asserts, are by no means uncommon in the Western counties, and while occasionally a child is stolen in the hope of earning the reward, it is more often because some lonely woman yields to an overpowering desire for such com panionship.