1 SEPTEMBER 1900, Page 3

We record with great satisfaction that the Taff Vale Rail-

way strike has come to an end, the Company having acceded to the men's request regarding reinstatement. The Company were, we think, well advised to yield on this point. Of course they must stick loyally by their free-labourers, and make it well worth their while to fill the gaps at a strike, but maintaining them in their temporary places is not the only way of doing this. Liberal money compensation is, indeed, probably preferred by the free-labourers. We do not wish, on the present occasion, to deal with all the details of the quarrel, but we cannot help feeling that the companies are mistaken in refusing to treat with men whom they call outsiders. If the so-called outsider has got a proper mandate from the Company's servants, and if it is clear that they have entrusted him with the conduct of their case, it is surely not worth while to fight over his right of audience. It is probably better to deal with him direct than with dummies who refer every item to him. Though the Taff Vale strike is over, there gill, we fear, remains a good deal of unrest in the railway world generally.