1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 1

Nevertheless, thorn has loom much hard fighting all along the

line. In the Ypres sector small advances near Langemarck and fierce counter-attacks by the enemy further south on Inverness Cops; on the high ground near the Menin road, were followed on Monday by a British advance on a front of two thousand yards astride the St. Julien-Poeleapolle road. Inverness Copse, like High Wood at the Somme, is a death-trap, and yet it must be taken and held securely to protect the flank of the troops farther north. At the south-west corner of Lens tho Canadians last week fought a fierce battle for the Crassier Vert—a grass-grown spoil-heap, only a few hundred yards from the railway station, which has been converted into a fortress. The trenches north-west of the Grassier were captured. Last Saturday the Canadians took more trenches on the west and north-west of Lona, which now forms a narrow German salient into our linos, just as Ypres used to be a British salient into theirs, exposed from three aides to a continuous and destructive bombardment.