1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 1

On the Eastern Front, the Russian Army, which 83021011 to

be recovering its spirit, is again showing signs of fatal insubordination. When the enemy attacked east of Czernowitz, near the Russian frontier, on Tuesday, some of the Russian troupe left their posts and walked to the roar, allowing the German. to gain an easy success. A more serious defectioa occurred on Wednesday on the hotly disputed Rumanian front between the Carpathian foothills and the river Sereth. The Rumanian Army has fought extremely well and repulsed for three weeks all Marshal Mackensen's endeavours to break its lines north of Foes/mi. On Wednesday, unhappily, one of the Russian ilivisions co-operating with it broke and fled in disorder near Mimcalul, and unless the gap can bo speedily filled, the whole Rumanian position, covering Moldavia from invasion from the south, is placad in jeopardy.