1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 1

The Italian offensive has proved a magnificent success. General Cadorna

modestly and wisely waited for a week before announcing any definite mune, but on Saturday last he reported that Monts Santo, the lofty mountain north of Gorizia, which was the centre of the Austrian defences and seemed impregnable, was flying the Tricolors. On Sunday last he stated that the main part of the groat Bainsizza Plateau, which overhangs the Upper Isonzo between Gorizia and Tolmino, and of which Monte Santo is the south- western bastion, had been captured by the Second Army. Throe Austrian lines, of enormous strength, had been broken through and outflanked. Twenty-throe thousand men and six hundred officers had been taken, with seventy-five guns, a mass of material, and provision depots enough to feed a large part of the attacking army. The Austrians were in full retreat towards the eastern edge of the plateau, where they are now trying to hold a new defensive line.