1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 15


(To tae EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR."' Sia,—On behalf of the Loudon Battalions of the Boys' Brigade. I desire to make a moat earnest appeal to young men elm to-day have leisure and means at their disposal, and who may not be in other ways serving their King and Country, that they would come forward now and offer their services in helping to officer the many companies of the Boys' Brigade. Since the commence. ment of the present war and previous to Lord Derby's scheme for recruiting, over three hundred thousand officers and Old Maya of Use Boys' Brigade were either serving or volunteered for service in His Majesty's Service. The loss of no many officers and senior boys from our companies has been a great lose Is us, and many companies find it very difficult to carry on thee work. -The fact elan that the London Battalions of the Boyd Brigade are recognised as a Cadet unit should also prove at inducement to gentlemen to offer themselves for Ibis, the senio( . and pioneer of all Brigades for Boys. Further information at regards the work of the Boys' Brigade would be gladly given bf the Secretary, at 34 Paternoster Bow, E.C.—I am, Sir, are., Smut 31. D. MOODY, Major-General (Retired), Chairman, The London Council. The Boys' Brigade.