1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 2

On Monday the RussianGsminander.M.Chief told the Conference the -plain 'truth

about the Army, "stricken with the terrible evil of disorganization and insubordination." If Rusais, were to be saved, the Army must he regenerated at all costs. Recently a Siberian regiment on the Riga front leftitapositions, and had to'be threatened with extermination before it would return to duty. The enemy were knocking at the gates of Riga, and if the Army would not hold -the gates, the way to Petrograd.would lieopen to the Germans. General Korniloff insisted that.discipline must be .enforeed. The authority-of the-officers must he strengthened ; their pay must be increased ; the regimental committees must be forbidden to-interfere with military operations or appointments.. Similar measures, he said, -were necessary at the rear. The South-Western armies -were almost starving for want of bread. The production gone and shells had declined breasts/ per cene since:theRevolution,and the Army would soon be as badly equipped as it was at the time of the great retreat from the Dunajec in 1915.