1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 2

'The aew Greek White Hoak has anvealed tbo fact that

Turkey 'became an ally of Germany-on August 4th, 1914ssome hours before Great Britain declared war. M. Theotokis, the Greek Minister in Berlin, learned this the same day from the Emperor himself, who added that Bulgaria and Rumania were also taking their stand alongside of Germany. It is now known that the late King of Rumania-desired to join his German kinsman, but 'WM overruled by his Council. Bulgaria was suapectedatthe time but dissembled. Turkey temporized until, at the end of. October, 1914, her-prepara- tions for war were complete, while our Foreign Office and our Ambassador accepted—doubtless with some reserve—the soothing assuranees of the Turkish Grand Vizier. It is unsafe to assume, as some newspapers have done, that the- British Government knew nothing of -the Turco-German alliance. WC, like theTurks, had. while in a state of military unpreparedness, a -sound reason for not adding prematurely to the number of our enemies.