1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 2

The date on which the Treaty between Germany and Turkey

was signed—August 4th, 1914, the &Lyon which Groat Britain declared war--is very interesting. It cannot of course be believed that Germany and Turkey talked over all the details of -their corrupt bargain and arrived -at a decision in half-an-hour. If -such a thing were conceivable in -the ease of any -other country in the world— which it would not be—it would 'be inconceivable in the ease of Turkey, who is -renowned for her- guileful and tedious methods of diplomacy. lt -is obvious that Turkey was up to the epee in the German plot which was brewing for years. With a cynicism which appears, deeper and more detestable the more one learns of it. Germany regarded with a callous eye the treatment of the Aimenians by Turkey, and even promised Turkey what amounted to payment or her crimes.