1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 2

There is no reason whatever to despair of Russia so

long as she has a central Government, and so long as she rejects a separate peace with the enemy. General Kornfioff has undoubtedly checked the disaffection in the Army. 'Even if he has to retreat still further, he will still be occupying the attention of groat masses of enemy troops who might, but for.Russia,.be thrown against us in the West. We must not count on active assistanoefroun Russia for 110Ple time to comp, but her defensive campaign is of appreciablevalue tous. Her political and economic disorganization is very grave, but Russia, intoxicated with the strong new wine of liberty, must be given time to recover her balance. If tile impatient critics of the new Russia would road .the histocv of the French Revolution of Fill), they would find that France. even then a far more smiled and bolter

educated nation than Russia is to-day, was far slower in surmounting .her-initial difficulties and did not, like Inrush", -escape civil war.