1 SEPTEMBER 1917, Page 22

A National History of Australia and Nem Zealand. By Robert

P. Thomson. (Routledge. lOs 6d. net.)—Mr. Thornson'e history of Australia, New Zealand, and the adjacent islands from their discovery to the present day is an interesting and useful book. It is well arranged, and contains more detail than the short histories hitherto available. Mr. Thomson reminds us that the existence of the Great Southland was suspected in Europe in the early sixteenth century, and that the Portuguese knew the facts, but suppressed them for fear lest their Spanish rivals should seek the unknown lands. The Spaniard Torres sailed through his strait in 1606, and the Dutchman Willem Jana. in the ' Duyfkin ' had sailed along Cape York Peninsula the year before. But Providence reserved the true discovery of New Zealand and Australia for Cook in 1769.70, and the first English settlers landed at Port Jackson, January 26th, 1788. Mr. Thomson 'a account of the founding and development of the six Australian States and of the Dominion of New Zealand is pleasantly written, and he devote. a substantial section at the close to the great part which Australia and NOW Zealand have played in the war. His book ought to be in every school library. The history of the Empire must in future be studied more thoroughly by our young people. No subject is more important or more stimulating.