1 SEPTEMBER 1939, Page 16

Although I believe that this may be the effect of

Herr Hitler's revolutionary policy, I do not believe that it was the intention. He hoped, by this sudden change in the balance of power, either to induce France and Great Britain to abandon Poland at the outset, or to secure their capitu- lation after a few weeks of frischfrohlicher Krieg had crushed Polish resistance. Confident as he is in his own genius for winning white wars, he was prepared to risk a repudiation of his own doctrine and the consternation thereby occasioned to his supporters and allies. Yet he has himself laid it down in Mein Kampf that a Russo-German alliance would mean a second world-war, which would entail " the end of Germany." It matters little that Herr Hitler should have violated his own precepts and pro- nouncements, since such violatiOn has been a constant element in his diplomatic method : what is significant is that he has now violated one of his own prophecies, and is thus endangering the legend of infallibility which is at the root of his superstition.