1 SEPTEMBER 1939, Page 2

The Response of the Dominions

No greater test than the present crisis could be devised for the almost undefinable ties which join Great Britain and the self-governing Dominions ; and only such a crisis reveals their real strength. In his broadcast speech to the Australian Commonwealth last week, Mr. Menzies, the Prime Minister, promised Australia's fullest co-operation in honouring the British guarantees. His declaration is even more uncompromising than could be expected ; it is of the essence of the position of all the Dominions that any major decision of this kind can only be made after consultation with their Parliaments. For that reason, in South Africa, Parliament has been recalled this week, and the dissolution of the Senate postponed, so that the Government will be in a position to take an immediate decision. In Canada the Territorial Militia, to the extent of ro,000 men, has been called up, and in New Zealand the crisis has giv- -: a sudden stimulus to recruiting. But Canada has also e:-:---essed the essentially pacific attitude of the Dominions by her appeal to Herr Hitler to follow the path of conference and negotia- tion. It is precisely because Great Britain will fight to ensure respect for such principles that she can count on the support of the Dominions.