1 SEPTEMBER 1939, Page 21


SIR,—In the paragraph headed " A Warning to Mexico " in the " News of the Week " column of The Spectator of August ath, you express the opinion that the Mexican Government, in its attitude towards the oil companies, has the complete support of public opinion. I suggest that it would be more accurate to say that this attitude is supported by the only body of opinion in Mexico which wields political influence at the present time, namely, the labour syndicates, and then carried obviously only in the self-interests of a few syndicate leaders.

The recently published books on Mexico by R. H. K. Marett, Evelyn Waugh and others, which have been reviewed in your columns, show that other foci of opinion do exist In Mexico today.

Moreover, articles published recently in certain Mexican periodicals, for instance, El Economista, the organ of the Institute of Economic and Social Studies, a society which numbers amongst its members some of the leading economic authorities of Mexico, are proof that substantial sections of opinion in Mexico do not endorse a policy which has rendered further co-operation of foreign capital impossible, and makes the country's name a byword for abuse of justice carried on under the outward form of legal process.—Yours faithfully, OSKAR TOKAYER (Editor).

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