1 SEPTEMBER 1939, Page 6

There can be nowhere, I imagine, to touch the hall

of a London club for profusion of verdicts on the situation— unless it be the lobby of the House of Commons. Here is a selection from ten minutes' harvest: " War is absolutely certain—and Hitler may win. He'll sweep right through Poland and Rumania and then offer us peace; France isn't going to throw away half a million men trying to smash through the Siegfried line." " Outlook much better, don't you think? Germany's absolutely scuppered ; everyone's backing out and leaving her isolated ; she can't possibly fight" " I never can understand this theory that Germany's going to walk right through Poland. The Poles have got a million and a half men mobilised and three or four million more reserves, all trained men. They have 2,500 aeroplanes, with bombers that can do 308 miles an hour, and they have starved the whole country for twenty years to build up a munitions industry." " I suppose this continuation of Notes is a good sign. What I can't understand is why Hitler didn't strike the moment he got his Russian Pact. These ration- cards are odd, too. I should have thought he would say ' If I have to have ration-cards I must have a war to justify them.' " And so on. If there is lack of conclusions, at any rate there is no lack of choice.