20 APRIL 1839, Page 10

The Liberals of North Lancashire threaten to oppose Mr. Charles

Towneley, of Townley, to Sir Robert Peel, if Sir Robert should be- come a candidate to succeed Lord Stanley. Lord Derby, however, may live some time to disconcert the plans of both parties.

Mr. Gunning, an old resident of Brighton, has issued an address to the electors of that town, offering himself as a candidate to represent them on Radical principles. The Brighton Gazette says—" We wish Captain Pechell joy of this announcement. If we must have a repre- sentative'who goes the whole hog,' let us at least have one who is re- sident among us, and spends his money in the place."

The Mayor of Plymouth has obtained a second cadetship for another of his sons, and a third anticipates a chance of the appointment as sur- geon to the convict establishment in that port.— West qf Englund Con- servative.

The Radicals of Newcastle held a meeting on Tuesday week, at which the Mayor presided, and passed resolutions censuring the conduct of Ministers. It was decided by a "show of hands," that General Johnson, Sir William 3.Ioleswortle Mr. Harvey, Mr. Wakley, and Mr. T. Attwood, ought to vote against Ministers on Lord John's Russell's Irish resolution,