20 APRIL 1839, Page 12


STDC1C EXCITANGE, FRIDAY AFFcaNOOV. The intelligence from India, which on Saturday afternoon was reported to be unfavourable, having proved to be of a very different character, an improve- ment has occurred in the Money Market, and the English Funds are generally from to 1 per cent. above our last prices. The prernitun upon Ekehequer Bills has risen 6s.; 2d. bills having been done to-day at 12s. India Stock has risen 4 per cent., being quoted at 254 The foreigo exchanges have gone back the recent advance, and are now as low as they ever have been. Bollion is now token freely for export from the Bank ; though, from n recent reduction made by the Directors in time selling price of silver as compared with that of gold, a much larger portion then usual of the less valuable metal is export:A.

The commercial crisis in Frauce seems fated to endure as long as the Minis- terial interregnum: the advises recently received from all parts of that king- dom continue very unsatisfactory. Intelligence was yesterday received of an extensive failure having occurred at Marseilles ; and although the exchange at Paris rose a few days ago, it has tacit again, and is still on time decline.


In the Foreign • Market, some considerable transactions have occurred in Dutch Five per Cent. Stock, which has improved nearly 4 per cent. The other Dutch Securities have not risen iu the same degree, but. are rather higher than last week.

The South American Bonds were in demand in the beginning of time week ; Columbian haying been done at 30, and Brazilian at 771. Mexican were quoted at 25 ; but the prices to-day are all from to 1 per cent. below these quotations. A proposition has been made to the Portuguese Government, to provide for the over-due Dividends upon its Foreign Debt, by funding thou in the Local Stock, current at Lisbon ; which is at about 80 per cent., and the dividends upon which are regularly paid, time amount now due to the foreign creditors is nearly 1,000,000/. sterling; and though a creation of Local Stock to that amount would of course much deteriorate its value, any thing in the shape of payment would, we have no doubt, give great satisfaction to the Bondholders, and perhaps an increased value to the Stock ; • and we are informed that to the probability of this arrangement being effected, is to be traced the recent rise in the Bonds. The intelligence brought by the mail of Tuesday from Lisboa has, however, produced a decline of I per cent. in price : and the Five per Cents., which were 36, have for the last two days been at 35. Spanish Stock is heavy, in consequence of the election of M. PASSY to the Presidentship of time French Chamber of Deputies, and consequent probability of the formation of an Administration from which M. TIIIERS (who is the sheet-anchor of our speculators) will be excluded. An advertisement has ap- peared from the Commissioners for the Spanish Government, stating that the periodical drawing of the numbers of that portion of the Deferred Debt, which is this year to be converted into Active. Stock, will take place nt Madrid on the 1st of May. The price of this description of Stock has consequently hn- proved, and has been as high as 9. ; but it has given way about per cent. Little business has been doing in the Railway Shares ; but that little has been at slightly advanced prices ; and some of the minor description of Shares are in fair demand. The affairs of time A nti- Dry-Rot appear likely to be settled a proposition is under consideration, by which time holders of the registered and unregistered shares will be placed upon an equitable footing, ; and from the progress that is making in the arrangement, there can be little doubt that it will be generally acquiesced in.

3 per Cent. Consols

Ditto 1hr Account 3 per Cent. Reduced..

New 31- per Cent. Anus

Bank stock Delia Stock

Ditto Bonds Exchequer Bills Belgian 5 per Cents.

921 i

921 4 92

L)O$ I

met 7 2544 51 46 pm. 44 6 pm. 103f Brazilian 5 per Cents Danish 3 per Cents Dutub 21 per Cents Portuguese Regency 5 pie OS Ditto 3 per Cents

Russian (1822) 5 pun Cent Spanish (1935)5 per Cent Deferred Stock Passive Ditto

774 741 75 551 3-11 St 211 1111 112 194 20 21 1

‘1';; i


The decline in the exchanges, which occurred yesterday afternoon, has pro- duced a heaviness in time Money Market ,• and all descriptions of English Go- vernment Stock are rather lower- than the closing prices of yesterday. Bank and India Stock are, however, unchanged. The premium upon Exchequer Bills is about 4s. lower. In the 'Foreign Market, prices are the same as yester- day, and the business quite unimporrant. Spanish Stock is a little firmer; being quoted at 19:4 20. The Railway Share Market is also without varia- tion ; if we except a slight improvement in Croydon Shores, occasioned by the completion of the line,—the first journey or the birectors alone. the whole line being fixed for to-tat'. It is hoped that the line may be open to the public by the Derby-day-15th of May; but there is a certainty of traffic commencing upon it by the 1st of June.

Siert:Rimy, FOUR O'CLOCK.

The afternoon has passed without any variation or business of importance; and the prices of every description of Foreign and English Securities are the same as um the morning.