20 APRIL 1889, Page 1

Rochester has returned a Gladstonian by a majority of 75.

On Tuesday, Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen was elected by 1,655 votes, against 1,580 given for Mr. Davies, the Conservative candidate. The poll was a large one, and the victory of Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen, a victory doubtless gained on a poll of nearly the whole constituency, though the majority was very narrow. In 1886, the Conservative won by a majority of 249 on a very much smaller poll ; but the Gladstonians had in this con- test a great advantage in getting a well-known Kent squire for their candidate, even though his father (Lord Brabourne) takes the other side. And besides, Mr. Knatchbull-Hugessen had been many months in the field, while Mr. Davies had but a three weeks' canvas. The Unionist failure involves, unfortunately, the loss of a seat, but otherwise it is insignificant.