20 APRIL 1889, Page 1

The French Chamber has adjourned, it being held to be

either unconstitutional or improper that it should sit while the Senate is occupied in doing justice. This is highly con- venient for the Ministry, which desires to wear out the time till October, and which is thus safe for some weeks from surprises. This may be one reason for the prosecution, evidence for which is being collected on a vast scale, some ten thousand documents and hosts of witnesses being examined by the Committee of Inquiry, which in trials before the Senate plays the part of the English Magistrate before committal, but works in secret. It is rumoured that evidence has been obtained proving that General Boulanger has endeavoured to tamper with portions of the Army ; but the only fact alleged is that he boasted that in certain contingencies the troops would remain in barracks. The Exhibition will be opened pro formd on May 6th, but there will be nothing ready before June 15th; and the Boulangists hint that in the interval " events " may occur to alter the programme. " Events " may always occur in Paris, and one constant attribute of Boulangism is surprise ; but we take it, Bou- langists issue prophecies as they do manifestoes and leading articles, to keep their candidate perpetually in the popular mind. He was elected Councillor for the arrondissement of Charenton on Monday by 2,457 votes to 2,100, without having been a candidate.