20 APRIL 1889, Page 23

In Other Lands. By Caroline Gearey. (Digby and Long.)—A book

of travel needs, as Miss Gearey remarks in her preface, some apology. We could almost wish that this feeling had taken stronger hold upon her before she was led to take the step of publishing one. Miss Gearey's remarks are marred by two great faults,—an evident striving after facetiousness, and a perfect surfeit of quotations. In the first chapter of the book, the former of these errors is carried to such an extent that it becomes really painful. Indeed, many of the witticisms are not only devoid of humour, but certainly rather wanting in good taste. Had Miss Gearey been content to try and be a little less witty and a little more sparing of her quotations, the book might have been readable. Even then she would have added but little that was fresh to a somewhat hackneyed subject.