20 APRIL 1889, Page 24

Book Prices Current, 1888. (Elliot Stock.)—It is interesting to find

that the publishers have had sufficient encouragement to repeat from last year this curious record of the prices fetched by books during the twelve months (December 1st, 1887—Novem- ber 30th, 1888). A preface gives an instructive summary of the state of the market. "Art Books seem to be at a low ebb" (Ruskin and Hamerton being excepted). Greek and Latin classics are in a very deplorable condition, excepting, of course, such as are "specimens of Old Typography." A curious practice has lately grown up of issuing books the sole value of which seems to be that there are only so many copies printed. "In many cases," says the editor of this volume, "the price falls immediately after publication." We pick out a few items ("first edition" being understood) :—The "Sentimental Journey," £5; twenty-eight volumes of Elzevir Classics, £10; twenty-seven volumes of "Penny Cyclopceclia," £1 (!) ; "Pickwick Papers" (complete in numbers), .28 10s.