20 APRIL 1889, Page 24

BOOKS BECEIVED.—E/OMents of the Law Of Torts. By Melville M.

Bigelow. (Cambridge University Press.)—Cause of the Great Fall of Prices. By Arthur Crump. (Longmans.)—The Model Engineer's Handbook. By Paul N. Hasluck. (Crosby Lock- wood and Son.)—In the "Mermaid Series" of "The Best Plays of the Old Dramatists," we have Philip Messinger, edited, with Introduction and Notes, by Arthur Symons. (Vizetelly.)— The plays given are The Roman Actor, The Fatal Dowry, The Guardian, The Virgin-Martyr, and Believe as You List. —The Public General _Acts, Vice. 51-52 (Eyre and Spottiswoode), and, from the same publishers, printed for the General Medical Council, The Medical Register and The Dentists' Register.—Royal University of Ireland Calendar, 1889. (Alex. Thom, Dublin.)