20 AUGUST 1831, Page 12

GOODWOOD RACES.—These sports have not been graced by the presence

of Royalty as was anticipated. His Majesty excused himself on ac- count of the arrival of the Duke of Saxe Meiningen. Great was the

disappointment. Tuesday. August 16. The Drawing Room Stakes of 25 sovereigns each, for 3-yr. olds. Thirty-nine Sub- scribers paid 25 sovereigns each, and forty-seven paid a bonus of 10 sovereigns each, making 1,4451. Mr. Sadler's Delight (Chapple) .. 1 Lord Verulam's Vestris (Connolly) 2 Mr. Greatorex's c. by Champignon (Forth) 3 A good race ; won easy. The Levant Stakes of 50 sovereigns each. SO ft. :"or 2-yr. olds, baira mile, was won easy by two lengths by Lord Chesterfield's Margroine, by Waterloo, beating the Duke of Riehmoad's f. by Whalebone out of Harpalice, Mr. Gratwielie's f. by Middle- ton out of Jest, Lord Egremont's Sister to Tom Thumb, and Mr. Gardnor's Tarquin.

Wednesday, August 17.

The Ladies' Plate of 101. added to a Sweepstakes of 5 sovereigns each, for 3-yr. olds and upwards, Ten Subscribers, was won at three heats by Lord Chesterfield's Carthusian heating Lord Jersey's Glenartney, Mr. Dickinson's Lawn Sleeves, Mr. Gates's f. by Little John, Mr. Dobart's Cornell an, and Mr. Walker's f. by Straight- waist. Won by half a length. The Goodwood Stakes of 25 sovereigns each, 15ft. Seventy-two Subscribers, of whom thirty-five pay 5 sovereigns each. Once round. Lord G. Lennox names Conciliation, 3 yrs. 6st. 121b 1 Dlr. Grant's Lady Emily, 5 yrs. 9st. Db..... . 2 Mr. Justice names Agreeable, 4 yrs. fiat. 12Ib 3 Won by a length.

Thursday, August 18. The Goodwood Cup, value 300 sovereigns, with 540 in specie, by subscription of 20 sovereigns each, and 100 added by the city of Chichecter. Lord Chesterfield's Priam, 4 yrs. (an easy winner) 1 His Majesty's Fleur-de-Lis, aged 2 Mr. Scott Stonehewer's Variation, 4 yrs 3 Friday, August 19. The Waterloo Plate of 50 sovereigns, added to a Sweepstakes of 10 sovereigns each. T. Y. C. heats. The winner to be sold for 100 sovereigns; 3 yrs. 10st. 71b.; 4 yrs. List. Sib. ; 5 yrs. list. 111b. ; 6 yrs. and aged, I2st. Mr. Greville's Adam Brock, 3 yrs. (Bouverie) 1 1 Mr. Gardnor's Guildford, 5 yrs 2 3

Duke of Richmond's The Wandering Boy, 5 yrs 3 2 Mr. T. Rulkeley names Sober Robin (11. b.) 5 yrs 4 4 His Majesty's Plate of 100 guineas for 3-yr. olds, 7st. ; 4 yrs. 8st. Sib.; 5 yrs. Sit. 31b. ; 4 yrs. Sit. 71b.; aged, 9st. 81b. Three mih.s. The second horse to re- ceive 2:.1 sovereigns.

Lord Lowther's brother to Gayburst, 3 yrs. (Chapple)... Lord Exeter's Anthony, 3 yrs 2 Agreeable, Carthago, and Refugee also started ; won by a length. THURSDAY'S DIVISION.

List of those Members, as far as they can be ascertained, who usually vote with Ministers on the Reform Bill, and who were present at the Division on Lord Chaudos's Motion " for giving yotes to Tenants-at-Will of 501, a year" in counties.

Those marked (t) voted for Ministers.

Those marked (f) against them.

EsrotAxo Se wALEs.*French, A. *Noel, Sir G. f Western, C. C. fAtleane, H. J. tGishorne, T. *Nugent. Lord f Weyland, J. *Althorp, Visct. *Godson, IL *Olney, F. C. f Weyland, Ma .W

+Astley, Sir J. D. 1-Gordon, R. *Ord, W. 1 Whitmore, NV •

"Atherley, A. *Graham, SirJ.R.G.*Oshorne, Lord F. *Wilde, T.

'313aillie, .1. E. - *Grant, Rt. Hon. R. *Paget, T. fWilks, J.

*Bainbridge, E. T. 1-Greene, T. G. *Palmer, C. F. *1Viiliums, W. A.

tBaring, Sir T. *Grosvenor, It. *Palmerston, Vise. *Williams, Sir J. H.

*Baring, F. T. 1-Guise, Sir B. NV. *Pendarves, E. W. *Willoughby, Sir H.

*Barnet, C. J. fGurney, It. II. *Penlease, 3.8. *Wood, 51.

*Barnett, C. J. *Handley, W. F. tPenrhyo, E. "Wood, J. +Bay] ton, Captain tFlareourt, G. V. *Pepys, C. C. *Wood, C.

tBenett, J. *Hawkins, J. H. tPetlt, Hon. B. 1-Wrottesley, Sir J.

tnithlo !ph, R. H. t Heathcote, G. J. *Pare, Hon. E. SCOTLAND. tBlake, Sir.F. filleneage, G. F. •Philips, G. R. *Adam, Admiral C.

*Bliunire, W. *Heron, Sir R. *Phillips, C. H. {Agnew, Sir A.

*Blunt, Sir C. *Heywood, B. *Ponsonby, Hon. W.}Campbell, W. F. fBouverie, Hn. D. P.flIodges, T. L. *Puyntz, W. S. ' *Dixon, J.

fliouverie, Hn. P. P.1Thoclgson, J. fPryse, P. *Fergusson, R. C.

fltrayen, T. *Horne, Sir NV. •Ramsbottom, J. *Gillon, W. P.

*Brougham, W. 1-Hoskins, K. {Rick ford, W. *Grant, Rt. Hon. C.

tBrougham, J. *Howard P. H. }Bider, T. *Jeffrey, Rt. Hon. F. *Buller„ T. W. tHoward, IL 1 Ridley, Sir H. W. *Johnston, A.

*Bulwer, H. L. "Hudson, T. •Robarts, A: W. *Loch, J. {Burrell, Sir C. fill ughes, W. H. "Robinson, Sir G. *Mackenzie, Sir J. fBuck, L. tHughes, Col. W. L.fRobinson, G. It. °Mantle, Hon. W. R.

*Burton, H. *Hume, J. *Itooper, J. B. *Ross, II.

*Buxton, T. F. fllunt, H. *Russell, C. *Stewart, E.

eltyng. G. *Hutchinson, H. fSandford, E. A. *Stewart, Sir H. S.

"Calvert, C. *Ingilby, Sir W.A. 'i-Scott, Sir E. D. "Traill, G.

*Calvert, N. *James, W. *Sebright, Sir J. IRELAND.

{Callay, V. *Jermugham, Iln.H.1-Sktpwith, Sir G. Acheson, Viscount *Campbell, J. fJohnstone, Sir J. V.*Spencer, Hu. Capt. *Bernard, T.

*Canning, SirS. tJohnstone, H. *Stanhope, Capt. *Boyle, Hon. J.

+Carter, J. B. *Kemp, T. R. *Stanley, Rt. Hu. E. *Browne, J. I).

"Cavendish, C. C. f King, E. B. *Stanley, Lord. +Browne, D.

* Cavendish, Lord G.•Knight, H. G. {Staunton, Sir 0. *Burke, Sir J., Bt.

"Cavendish, II. F. C.*Labouchere, H. *Stephenson, H. F. *Callaghan, D. * Cavendish, W. *Langston, J. II. *Stewart, P. H. *Don, O'Connor "Crampton, P. C. I Lawley, F. *Strickland, G. "Doyle, Sir J. M. *Chichester, J. 13. P.fLee, J. L. H. *8 trutt, E. {Fitzgibbon, Hon-R.

telive, E. 13. tLefevre, C. S. {Stuart, Lord 3. 1-Hort, Sir W.

tColborne, N. W. Itf-Lemon, Sir C. tTalbot, C. R. M. *Howard, J.

• Cradocic, Colonel 1-Lennard, T. B. *Tennyson, C. *Killeen, Lord

*Creevey, T. *Lester, B. *Thicknesse, It. *King, Hon. It. *Currie, J. *Littleton, E. J. *Thornson,ELHn.C.*Lamb, ilon. G.

fDavies, Colonel +Lloyd, Sir E. P. 1-Throckmorton, It. *Lambert, J. S.

+Denison, W. J. *Lumley, 3.8. *Tomes, J. *Leader, N. P.

*Denman, Sir T. *Lushington, Dr. *Torrens, Col. •111aenamara, W. *Duncombe, T. S. "Moberly, Colonel +Townshend, Ld. C.•Mullins, F.

.*Dunclas, Ho;;. T. .1-Macdonald, Sir J. tTyrell, C. *Musgrave, Sir It.

.*Dundas,Hn.SirR.L.*.Mangles, J. *Vernon, G. J. *O'Grady, Hon. Col.

'"Dundas, Hon. J. Cshillarjoribanks, S. *Villiers, T. H. 'Parnell, Sir H.

*Encombe, Visct. fMartin, 3. fVenables, W. *Ponsonby, Hon. G.

*Ellice, E. fMayhew, W. {Vernon, G. H. *Power, R.

*Ellis, W. *Milbank, M. tVineent, Sir F. 'Rice, Hon. T. S.

fEtwall, R. fIllildmay, P. St. S. *Waithman, R. *Ruthven, E. S.

*E wart, NV. {Mills, 3. *Warburton, H. *Walker, C. A.

• Fergusson, Sir R. 'Milton, Viscount fWaterpark, Lord •Westenra, Hon. IC

* Fitzroy, Lord J. {Moreton, Hon. H. {Wason, W. R. 'Wyse, T.

fFolkes, Sir W. *Morpeth, Viscount *Watson, Hon. It. *Fordwich, Lord fMostyn, E. M. L. }Webb, Col.