20 AUGUST 1831, Page 12

REvOLuTt ON AT L nit.—A gentleman landed here on Pride

yeven ing from the brigantine (!ourier, from Limo; bound to London, with about 250,000 daarson board on merchants' account ; from whom we learn that a revolu- tion had taken place at Lima two or three days before his departure, on the 21st of A pri!. It appears that the President, General Gamarra, who was in the interior, had despatched one of his Aides-de-Camp to Lima for the purpose of inciting the troops against the Vice-President, Gene- ral La Filen to ; but his object having been discovered, the Vice-President caused him to be taken prisoner, and put on board a ship of war. The troops, however, declared against General La Puente, end proceeded to his house with the intention of taking him prisoner; but, by the assistance of one of his slaves, he escaped through the chimney, and, with Genera/ Miller, took refuge on board the American sloop of war San Louis. The President of the Senate, Don Andres Revs, was then called on to exercise the supreme authority in the absence of General Gamarra, and all again. appeared quiet The cause of General La Puente's unpopularity is attri. bated to his admission of provision and stores free of duty—Falmouth Packet.

THE Tnicosom FLACL—According to a letter from Bayonne, M. Avrillon, 'master of a troop of equestrian performers, having re- cently exhibited various feats of horsemanship to a crowded audience at Barcelona, in Spain, was about to make a remarkable leap over a num- ber of flags. Unfortunately he selected for this occasion the tri-coloured. standard of France ; this excited, the rage of the populace, and he was assailed by the people, the flags were torn from him, his horse was killed, and he himself severely treated, and at last thrown into prison. SWAN RIVER.—The accounts from the settlement, to the 10th of March, are satisfactory. Messrs. Bannister and Smith had returned from King George's Sound after travelling fifty-three days across a country well watered and clothed with tile most luxuriant timber ; se-

veral samples of the soil had been brought, and it proved of the finest quality for agricultural purposes. The colonists at Swan River were abundantly supplied with every necessary, and with provisions at low prices. The harvest had been productive, and vegetables were plentiful. The first native colonist had appeared: the lady of Captain Stirling had presented him with a boy.

ERRATUM. In our last week's summary of affairs in Belgium, by an error of the press, " Gheel" was printed "Ghent." We need not say. the towns are entirely distinct in position as well as name