20 AUGUST 1831, Page 13


Arrived. In the Downs, Aug. 19th, Nancy, Pryce, from New South Wales. In the -Channel, Royal Sovereign, Thompson ; Columbian, Brown ; and Samuel Brown, Read; from the Mauritius. At Mauritius, April 15th, Manchester, Brown; and Frances Charlotte, Coghlan, from London ; 21st, Columbia, Ware, from Liverpool. At Swan River, March 5th, Eliza, Waddell, from London.

Sailed. From Gravesend, Aug. 12th, Egyptian, Lilburn, for Swan River. 14th, Honourable Company's Ship Winchelsea, Burt, for China. 18th, Africa, Skelton, for Ceylon. From Liverpool, Aug. 12th, Indian, Ravenscroft, for the Cape. 16th, 'Beatrice, Smith, for the Mauritius.