20 AUGUST 1831, Page 13


THE WEATHER.—The temperature has been decidedly lower since the thunder-storm of Wednesday ; the atmosphere has been clearer, and the air more elastic and bracing. Last night, for the first time for a con- - siderable number of weeks, it blew fresh, and the wind to-day continues high, and smells of autumn and of falling leaves as well as falling game.

AMENDMF.NTS TUE BILT,—There are now twenty-three notices of /motion on the Order-book,—one on clause 18th; seven on clause 21st six on clause 22d; three on clause 25th; and one on clause 50th! The other notices are additive, except one on clause 11th, which is to be moved on bringing up the report.

The Rothsay Castle, steamer, from Liverpool to Beaumaris, was lost on the Dutchman's Bank, on Wednesday night ; and only eighteen passengers and three of the crew were saved, out of about one hundred and twenty.