20 AUGUST 1831, Page 14


Tuesday, August 16.


Jorrns and WATKINS, Worcester, general provisionsarnlers—J. H. and I. NA- THAN, Berwick Street, Soho, fancy ball and theatricatelressers—MANWARING and GRAVATT, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden, linen-drapers—TuLLEv and WHITE, Lime Street Passage, Leadenhall Market, egg.rnerchants—ALcocH and Co. Cobridge, Staffordshire, manufacturers of china—MoeLE v and C (moult o us:, Leek, Staffordshire, silk.manufacturers—WALES and WARNS, Blackfriars Road, soda- Water.manufacturera—WO oLLEv and Co. Manchester, manufacturers—THORPE and Co. Sheffield, merchants—PARKE s and Son, Aston, Warwickshire, lime-dealers —MARRINER and BOAR, Great Surry Street, Blackfriars, haberdashers—MA(11N- s and Co. Manchester, glass.rn anufacturers ; as far as regards 111AraNNis—W. and T. ToP LI S, Nottingham, drapers—J. and %V. LINE, Addle Street, packing-case.. xnakers—CARLTON and TnompsoN, Kingston-upon-Hu11,1 house and ship-smiths —ScoTe and Co. Madeira ; as far as regards LoUGUNAN—F. and A. PitESTINARI and Co. Leather Lane, Holborn, and Sheffield, looking.glass.rnauufacturers.


CROwNSITAW,TilostAs, Sheffield, victualler, Aug. 15. GREENOUGH, RICHARD, Manchester, cotton-manufacturer, Aug. 13. 11 onos oN, JAMES, Nicholas Lane, and South Place, Kennington, insurance- broker, Aug. 16. NETTLEFoLD, THOMAS, and REID, WILLIAM, Francis Street, Tottenham Court Noad, furnishing ironmongers, Aug. 15.


COLE, VINE 2, BOrtleSley, Warwickshire, victualler, from Aug. 19 to Oct. 7. BANKRUPTS.

ALDERSON, RICHARD, Crawford Street, St. Alarylebone, linen-draper, to surren- der Aug. 23, Sept. 2,27: solicitor, Mr. Crocker, Lad Lane, Cheapside. ANDREW, JOSEPH, Nottingham, money-scrivener, Aug. 26,30, Sept. 271 solicitor, 31r. Forster, Lawrence Pountney Place. HERvEY, JAMES, and ROBINSON, JOHN, Manchester, and HERVET, ROBERT, Wigan, Lancashire, manufacturing.chymists, Aug. 29, 30, Sept. 27: solicitors, Messrs. Taylor and Roscoe, King's Bench Walk; and Messrs. Duckworth and Co. Princess Street, Manchester. JENKINS, RICHARD, Neath, Glamorganshire, victualler, Aug. 31, Sept. 1, 27 : solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn ; and Mr. Lewis, Bridgend. PETERS, PETER, Manchester, publican, Aug. 27, 30, Sept. 27: solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry, Temple ; and Messrs. Crossley and Sudlow, Manchester. S13131ONS, ARETAS, Goswell Street, baker, Aug. 26, 30, Sept. '27 : solicitor, Mr. 'Wilson, Albany Street, Regent's Park. St/we:EKE OP, JOHN HILLARY, IJuiversity Street, St. Pancras, engineer, Aug. 19, 30, Sept. 27 : solicitor, Mr. Smith, Great East Cheap, Cannon Street. THOMAS, JOHN MoRGAN, High Street, Shadwell, grocer, Aug. 19, Sept. 2, 27: Solicitor, Mr. Allingharn, Hatton Garden. VIKING, THOMAS and CHARLES, Bristol, corn-factors, Aug. 20. Sept. 7, 27 : soli- citors, Mr. Pearson, Pump Court, Temple ; and Messrs. E. and J. Daniel, Bristol. WooD, Josn MA, Manchester, manganese-dealer, Sept. I, 2, 27 : solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and 1Veatherall, King's Bench Walk, Temple; and Mr. Kershaw, Manchester.


Sept. 9, Sansom and Rees, Lombard Street, bankers—Sept. 13, Parkes jun. Nark Lane, and Leyton, Essex, sacking-manufacturer—Sept. 6, Higham, New Bond Street, hatter and tailor—Sept. 13, Woods and Webb, George Yard, Lom- bard Street, woollen-drapers—Oct. 1 I, Brimicombe,'Fotness, Devonshire, plumber— Sept. 12, M'Donald, Liverpool, surgeon—Sept. 9, W. and It. Bevan, Landore, Cla- ndltanshire, iron-manufacturers—Sept. 17, Wood, NVooltiale, Yorkshire, mer- chant—Sept. 9, Darwin, Chapel Town and Sheffield, iron-founder.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 6. 3Iapley, Little Bell Alley, glass-cutter—H. and J. B. Ashcroft, Liverpool, marble- reasons—Vick, Stafford Row, Pimlico, coal-merchant—Nimmo, Upper Gower Street, bookseller—Chadwick, Small Bridge, Lancashire, dyer—Luke, Mark Lane, wine- merchant.

Friday, August 19.


FLOBBERDS and GEDGE, Norwich, milliners—COPESTAER and THORPE, Notting.. ham, lace-manufacturers—R. and T. ARMSTRONG, Gray's Inn Lane, oilmen—KAY and NUTTALL, Heap Bridge Lancashire, paper-makers—BRARRoorr and Crapes, Bury Street, Westminster, lodging-house-keepers—G. and C. EDWARDS, Framling- barn, Suffolk, grocers—Bou RNE and HOLMES, Ratcliffe Highway, grocers—E. and B. BESCORY, Fore Street, tallow-chandlers—BRVAN and PER RINs, Cheltenham, chemists—Land S. TOMALIN, Kingston-upon-Hull, ironmongers—P. P. H. and iWr; ROBERTS, Strand, cheesemongers—MOUNTAIN and Co., Kingston-upon-Hull, alaters—J. and R. FAIRWEATHER, Manchester, cotton-manufacturers—CAR- TENTER and GADBURY, Leadenhall Street, woollen-drapers—J. and T. ANDER- SON, Boston, drapers—PARNELL and SON, Botolph Lane, orange-merchants—J. Rod E. WI L Ls, Axminster, cabinet.makers—BIDDLE and HoLm Es, Gloucester — BOLINGBRoKE, YALLOF, and ATHOW. Norwich, wine-merchants—SwAaHrtoorc and MoTTERSHEAD, Macclesfield, silk-throwsters—LANo, BAINE, and Co. New- foundland; as far as regards LANG, BLACK, and TARBET.


LEA, JAMES, jun. Worcester, butcher.


BENJAMIN, BENJAMIN DANIEL, Manchester, merchant, to surrender Aug. 30, 51, Sept. 30: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; and Messrs. Claye and Thompson, Manchester. BLACKLEY, RICHARD COWLEY, and BLACKLEY, JOHN BARRETT, Fenchurch Street, and High Street, Bloomsbury, tea-dealers, Aug. 24, 30, Sept. 30 : solicitor Mr. Blower, Lincoln's In Fields. BROWN, SAMUEL, Dartford, Kent, grocer, Aug.30, Sept. 6, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Nutchison and Imeson, Crown Court, Threadneedle Street.

CLARIDGE, JAMES. Birmingham, victualler, Aug. 26, 27, Sept. 30 : solicitors, Messrs. Norton and Chaplin, Gray's Ion Square ; and Mr. Stubbs, Birmingham. Du NN, RICHARD, 1Viveliscombe, Somersetshire, clothier, Aug. 26, Sept. '2, SO : solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New Inn ; and Mr. Waldron, Wiveliscombe. HAZLETON, GEORGE JAMES, St. John Street, West Smithfield, furnishing-iron- monger, Aug. 23, Sept. 2,30; solicitor, Mr. Gilbert, Mark Lane. JARvi s, DAVID, Radford, Nottinghamshire, frame-smith, Aug. 27, 29, Sept. 30: solicitors, Messrs. Willett and Larkin, Essex Street, Strand; and Mr. Fox, Nottingham. JONES, JOHN, Tottenham Court Road, lodging-house-keeper, Aug. 26, Sept. 2, 30: solicitor, Mr. Long, Staple Inn, Ilolborn. LTNALL, WILLIAM, Walsall, Staffordshire, victualler, Aug. 26, 27, Sept. 30: so- licitors, Mr. Dove, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn ; and Mr. Barnet, Walsall. MEd V RST, JOHN, Fleet Street, tailor, Sept. 2, 9, 30 : solicitors, Messrs. Brown and Co. Mincing Lane. Slat PS ON, JOHN, Poulton, Wiltshire, baker, Sept. 16, 17, 30; solicitors, Mr. Hunter, Ring's Road, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Bevir, Cirencester. TOWERS, WILLIAM, Nottingham, grocer, Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 30 : solicitors, Messrs. Nindmarsh and Son, Jewin Street, Cripplegate. WILKINSON, WILLIAM DENNISON, and PETRIE, MARTIN, Lime Street, East India-agents, Aug. 26, Sept. 2, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Baxeudale and Co. King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street.

ZW1NGER, JOHN ANTHONY, Auction Mart Coffee House, merchant, Aug. 30, Sept. 9, 30: solicitor, Mr. Holt, Threadneedle Street.


Sept.13, Strutton, Mitre Court,Fleet Street, tavern.keeper—Sept.9, Mayo, Craven Buildings, Drury Lane, woollen draper—Sept. 9, King, Hosier Lane, tin.plate- worker—Sept. 9, Wilmot, Chapel Street, Grosvenor Place, builder—Sept. 9, Red- house, Crooked Lane, ship-broker.


To fie granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Sept. 9.

J. and J. Weston, Old Bond Street, tailors—Gibbs, Savage Gardens, wine-mer- chant—Wales, York, flax-dresser—Perkins, Lower Sapey, Worcestershire, maltster —Lyon, Macclesfield Street North, and Dalby Terrace, City Road, brewer—Barker, New Broad Street Court, wine.merchant—Waylett, Lombard Street and City Road, boot and shoe-maker—Litt and Co. Lime Street, merchants.


Bum ALEXANDER, Fochabers, vintner, Aug. 19, Sept. 5. brD000aL, Joan and Co. Glasgow, spirit-dealers, Aug. 19, Sept. 3.