20 AUGUST 1831, Page 21

Mr. SALMON, the author of a valuable treatise on the

diseases .of the Rectum, has published an additional volume on Prolaprus Ani. The cases are not calculated for public discussion, but the value of these works is such, that we cannot forbear recoinmend- ino.e' their perusal to every person who may have reason to suspect that all is not right in the most important function of which Mr, SALMON treats. The remotest suspicion ought to be entertained ; for, until Mr. SALMON'S experience is examined, it will appear to a non-medical reader incredible how many apparently remote diseases have their origin in the rectum and parts adjacent. It is to be lamented that a sort of false shame shrouds the beginnings of all these maladies, and often prevents their consequences from receiving the benefit of the full light of modern science. Let the first misery of the kind be followed by a visit to or from Mr. SAL- MON, and we believe all will be done that human ingenuity or experience can suggest.