20 AUGUST 1881, Page 2

The Austrian Pester Lloyd openly advocates the annexation of Herzegovina

and Bosnia, asserting, truly enough, that the ostentatious pretence of occupation deceives no one :—" Pacifi- cation, that is to say, the satisfaction 'of the people with the new order of things, has not yet been secured. Serious dis- content is prevalent amongst the Mussulmans. We are pledged to Europe to give them a good administration. Whom do we deceive with the word occupation ?' Is it ourselves ? There is not a man of sound mind in Austria or Hungary who was not long since aware that the 'occupation' was annexation,' nor one who would not energetically protest against our ever abandoning the soil where the bones of our soldiers lie buried, and for the benefit of which we have spent millions. Then can it be Europe ? It is, unfortunately, true that several European Cabinets are singularly anxious with regard to our intentions and the resolute character of our proceedings. Is it Turkey ? Well, she knows best that every inch of territory once with- drawn from the rule of her Pashas is irretrievably lost for her, and that she has as little or even less to expect in Bosnia and the Herzegovina than in Cyprus and Tunis. There being no further doubt as to our intentions, it is only weakness to keep up the erroneous term any longer." We entirely agree, but will annexation improve the matter P We fear not. The fault of Austrian rule is that totally inelastic officialism which seems wholly unable to adapt itself to the genius of a different people. Will that be likely to relax, under the stimulus of a more absolute sense of possession P