20 AUGUST 1881, Page 21

Catharine of Aragon, and the Sources of the English Reformation.

By A. du Boys. Edited from the French, with Notes, by C. M. Yonge. (Hurst and Blackett.)—M. du Boys' work gives a minute account of one of the most far-reaching events in modern history. He has given much industry and learning to his subject, and only falls short— where, indeed, shortcoming is to be expected—in the insight which, in this case, their nationality should endow English writers. We are somewhat puzzled to say for what class of readers this translation is intended. Now-a-days, historical students, almost without exception, read French ; and besides, with all due respect to Miss Yonge, his- torical students are likely to require a more authoritative guide. If the book is meant for the general reader, we must congratulate that catholic person on the improvement in his taste, and at the same time advise him to consult some of the authorities here mentioned, if Ile wishes his efforts to yield any valuable result. Miss Yonge has dis- charged her editorial duties with fair success, though her want of impartiality and her indiscriminate choice of authorities will mislead too confiding readers.