20 AUGUST 1881, Page 3

The strictly legal and political duties of the Lord-Advocate for

Scotland are to be separated in future, and only the former are to be entrusted to the Lord-Advocate, while the political function of representing Scotland is to rest elsewhere. At present, Lord Rosebery, who is now Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department, will be entrusted with the political administration of Scotland,—an arrangement which is, we believe, extremely popular in the North, and on good grounds, for Lord Rose- bery's great abilities are known and appreciated throughout North Britain. Unfortunately, the present Lord-Advocate has it is understood, opposed this curtailment of his official duties, and is to accept a Judgeship, and retire from the repre- sentation of Edinburgh, after an extremely short tenure of his functions as a representative. Messrs. McLaren, both father and son, have, indeed, now resigned their seat for the city, with- out really attaining the purpose which induced Mr. Duncan McLaren to undergo the sacrifice. The new arrangement is good, but the sacrifice is severe upon the victims.