20 AUGUST 1948, Page 27


[A Book Token for one guinea will be moarded to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword to be opened after noon on Tuesday week August 31st. Envelopes must be received not later than first post that day and must bear the word "Crossword," the NUMBER of the puzzle and a 21d. stomp. Solutions must be on the form below, and none can be accepted from the U.S.A. The solution and the name of the winner will be published in the following issue.]


I. Fatal to the bowlers opposed to Gloucestershire in the old days ? (4, 2, 5.) 9. The slave may be found in a more dignified inn. (5.)

10. just the opposite of the case in the sign. (9.) 11. They are disguised by a sister. (9.)

12. He found it was never too late to mend for a title. (5.) 13. "Single in the field." (4, 4.) 15. What to gamble about, that,

apparently, is the question. (6.) 17. It is no credit to the batsman. (3, 3.) 19. No longer hard work by 12? (8.)

23. It takes several mouths to shape this letter. (5.) 24. No meal has come out of this cele- brated repository. (9.)

26. Far from being the average man. (9.)

27. Some do to differ. (5.) 28. State in which kleptomania is com- mitted ? (11.)


1. Can with a liberal contents. (7.) 2. Speak like 26, perhaps. (5.) 3. Despair's castle. (8.)

4. But it, is the flowers that are Of economic importance here. (6.) S. Where emetics may be found. (9.)

6. Set aside for the unruly mare going down to the floating stables. (7.) 7. Many a man has carved out a repu- tation with it. (6.) 8. Turn the mind to publicity. (6.) 14. They should have a place in the sun. (9) 16. Eat pitch (anag.). (8.)

17. It may help, with 10, to strike a balance. (6.) 18. The nymph provides a festive meal.


20. Going too far surely ; it's generally bowled. (7.)

21. "Truth's a dog must to - ; he must be whipped out" (Shake- speare). (6.)

22. Artist on the jetty for duel purposes. (6.)

25. Animal which might hide in a pious oak. (5.)