20 AUGUST 1948, Page 5

I shall be interested to see what The Observer has

to say about Ireland next Sunday. Its last Sunday's issue was almost sensa-

tional, with its headings "UNITED IRELAND TALK TOMORROW BRINGING EIRE INTO WESTERN UNION" and its suggestion of the possible repeal of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 and the unification of Eire and Northern Ireland "with religious ana cultural safeguards for Northern Ireland." On the face of it nothing would seem more unlikely, and the statement immediately elicited categorical official denials. Still, official denials

are sometimes themselves denied by subsequent developments, and The Observer would hardly have given its announcement the prin-

cipal place in the whole paper unless it possessed, or thought it possessed, information of unquestioned authenticity on the subject.

As I say, I hope it will have more to tell us next Sunday. * * * *