20 DECEMBER 1828, Page 1

The conspiracy in Colombia has been attributed "partly to in-

triguers from Spain ;' but little further is known about it. Be- sides Guerra and Padilla, Horment, who killed three of Bolivar's sentinels, a colonel, two lieutenants, and another individual, have been executed for their share in the treason. The tribunals were in- quiring into the cases of other ,conspirators. It is doubted whe- ther Santander had any concern with the plot.

Some of the accounts from Colombia speak of the probability of the Liberator being urged to put an end to anarchy by assum- ing the imperial diadem. If he assent to this, his enemies will say that the chief conspirator was Bolivar himself.

The Vice-President of the Federal Republic of Central America, has published decrees prohibiting all Spanish subjects, without ex- ception, from touching at the ports of the republic ; and, in short, prohibiting every sort of intercourse with Old Spain, even through the medium of neutrals.