20 DECEMBER 1828, Page 11


THEY have presented us with a new Comedy at Covent-Garden. A new Comedy now-a-days creates about as much rational expec- tation as a new Lord Mayor. Its title is ominous of mediocrity : " Woman's Love, or the Triumph of Patience ;"—being nothing else than the sufferings of the patient Griselda dramatised. We recom- mend the author to try his hand at " Woman's Love, or the Tri- umph of Comtancy," and give us the trials of the chaste Penelope. It seems agreed on all hands that judgment be postponed till the Duke of Saluzzo is recovered of his hoarseness, otherwise we should be inclined to assign it a place at once among the respect- able comedies of this age, whose motto is- " Too bad for allessing, too good for a curse ;

I would to the Lord thou went better or worse."