20 DECEMBER 1828, Page 13


Ox roan, December 11.—This day the following degrees were conferred. Buda- lor and Doctor in Divinity by Accumulation—The Rev. Clement DIadely, Brazen. nose. Masters of Arts—Rev. James Buckingham, St. 1;try-hall, grand compounder; Rev. Thomas Hornby, Brasennose, grand compounder; lieu. John Barton. St. Ma- ; Edward South Badeley, Brazennose ; Rev. Charles Verney Shaeklims;, Trinity. Bachelors of Arts—Henry Griffin, Queen's; George Cox, DIagdalen-hail ; John' Meredith, Christ Church ; Philip Malpas Egerton, Christ Church; William[ john Crichton, post-master of Merton. December 17.—This day beino.' the last day of term, the following gentlemen were admitted to degrees. Doctor in Divinity—The Rev. William Wheeler, late fellow of Magdalen, divinity lecturer and chaplain in the military college at Sandhurst, and the Rev. Thomas Arnold, late fellow of Oriel, head master of Rugby school. Bache- lor in Cieil Low—Rev. James Buckingham, of St. Mary-hall, grand compounder. Masters of Arts—Rev. Rice Rees, Jesus ; Bev. John Hinkley, St. Mary-hall ; and Dlr. Richard Newcombe Gresley, of Christ Church. Bachelors of Arts—Messrs. F. K. Leighton, and T. DI. Gosling, Brazennose ; and C. Hinde, Exeter college.

The number of matriculations this term has been 120.

CAMBRIDGE, December I9.--The Norrisian prize was on Tuesday last adjudged. to the Rev. J. H. Pooley, M.A. Fellow of St. John's College, for his essay " On the Nature and Use of Parables, as employed by Jesus Christ."