20 DECEMBER 1828, Page 14


We have experienced this week a continuance of strong westerly gales, and yet very few homeward bound vessels have been reported. The East India Company have stationed their regular Bengal ships as follows :-Thomas Grenville, Shea ; and Minerva, Probyn, for Madras and Bengal. Princess Charlotte of Wales, Biden ; and Marquis Wellington, Chapman, for Bengal direct. Arrived. At Gravesend, Dec. 14th, Mary, Baguio, from Bombay and Mauritius, sailed from the latter place 2.1th Sept. 10th, America, Donald, from Singapore and Batavia. Off Margate, Dec. 17, Symmetry, Smith, from Ceylon, 12th Aug., Mau- ritius. 9th Sept. and Cape, 14th Oct. At the Cape, Oct. 9, William, Money, Fuleher, and lULl Katherine, Stewart Forbes, Chapman, both from London. At the Mauri- tius, Sept. 12th, Meteor, Watson, from Hull. 18th, Isabella, Fox, and 29th, Achilles, Marshall. At Madras, previons to 30th July, Minstrel, Arkoll ; and at Batavia, July 23rd, Silence, Jackson, all front London.

Sailed. From Gravesend, Dec. Oretia, Hudson, for Van Dieman's Land. l.ilm, Guardian, Sutherland, for Prince of Wales's Island. 16th, Henry Pearson, for Cape ; and from the Clyde, Dec. 13th, Laurel, Tait, for Calcutta.


Sailed. From Gravesend, Dec. 19th, Favorite, Christie, for the Cape.